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We already raised ... 0%

… of the total production costs (99.901 €) via crowd funding.

(Please keep in mind that this bar is only updated once a day analogically by hand.)

Let’s make ALL CREATURES WELCOME  freely available collectively- under a Creative Commons license! With the help of over 900 supporters we already raised the amount of 30.901 € in the first step. To reach our big goal we need another 69.000 €.

Why are we running a crowd funding campaign?

With this movie we want to think out of the box by using hacking as a mind-set. Artistic freedom is essential for this.
Even if it seems easy in the age of the selfie: To make a good independent movie is still expensive. You need technique / equipment, a team of professionals, a passion for detail paired with an uninterrupted view at the big picture and a lot of time for a lot of work.
When it comes to the financing the restrictions of the film business are drawing narrow limits in form and content. For example: When you cooperate with public television  an independent design is virtually principally confined in voluntary rating enslavement. So if you have an artistic vision that is only slightly thinking out of the box you better look for financing and support elsewhere.

What we believe in.

We believe that cultural content and knowledge should be available for everybody. That’s why we started this crowd funding campaign. Creative Commons is possible if many supporters with small contributions finance the film project- provided with an access to the finished movie and other perks in  exchange. At the end there could be a movie under a Creative Commons license – cultural content available for everybody!

What we have already reached.

Thanks to over 900 supporters who believe in this project we already reached the first crowd funding goal and even more! We carried together so far 30.901,97€ GROSS (dt. Brutto), which means after tax, Indiegogo/Paypal fees and campaign costs 21.127,55€ TOTAL NET (dt.Netto) 🎉.

(for details on the alternative payment method go to )
With the friendly support of the Hamburg film fund we have another 20.000€ Net (!Please note that this has to be payed back for a Creative Commons license!).
So the shooting is paid for and there is already a solid amount of money for the post production, which is always the most expensive part of filmmaking.




What we want to reach.

The second goal of the crowd funding campaign is to finally finance the post production of ALL CREATURES WELCOME with the help of the Hamburg Film Fund (without CC license).  The  big goal is to finance the whole movie via crowd funding to make it available under a creative commons license (with CC license).

The possibilities in detail

feature length movie (around 90 min.)

  • 69.000€ gross -> to release the movie under a creative commons license
  • 34.833€ gross -> to make the movie with the help from the Hamburg Film Fund, without creative commons license
  • 15.400€ gross -> I believe in this movie! I would put in the additional 15.406€ out of my pocket in the pot (via working time) in order to make it.


At least we can make a middle length movie around 45 min.

  • 4900 € gross -> I believe in this movie! I would put in the additional 11.593€  out of my pocket in the pot (via working time) in order to make it.


Both of these options two last options will take much more time to finish and mean hell of an investment for me- so please stay patient if that happens.

Whatever the future brings, be sure every cent will be put into the movie!

Join us and be a creator


The production costs of a movie contain in detail things like equipment and travel costs, fees, color correction, sound design, sound mixing, music composition etc. The components are shown in proportion on the bar chart below:



The new presumable delivery date will be August 2017. I hope for your understanding.


The film will be finished in any case as we described above and you will get your perks! The status of the funding determines how long it will take to finish the movie and how long it will be. Your only risk is that because of the financing circumstances the delivery date might be delayed.