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There is very little space for purposelessness in today’s highly efficient, tightly scheduled life routines. If, as the buddhists say, “the mind is a restless monkey”, VARIATIONS is an invitation to drink some water and listen to the sounds of the jungle.
We played an interpretation of John Cage’s Variations IV for the movie EVERYBODY’S CAGE. Inspired by this piece the idea for a sound walk was born. If the movie is shown, we offer the opportunity to stage this sound walk with interested visitors of the festival – to give the participants the chance to collect their own experiences in sound perception and awareness.


We work with the following tools for the realization:

A map of the area/town, six points and a circle on a transparent sheet,  an additional foil which is covering the playing area, waterproof pencils and a ruler.
The map will be narrowed down to a geographic area, whereas the size of the playing field defines the duration and scope of the sound walk. The bigger the field is, the longer the walk will be.
The circle is placed somewhere on the map and defines the starting point. The points will be spread by chance somewhere on the map. They define the six movements of the piece. And they will be connected by straight lines with the circle.


After this preparation the sound walk starts at the starting point and the points will be visited one after the other.
The participants are free to produce sounds on their own, to draw something, to photograph, to write, to collect or simply to listen. We recommend to talk as little as possible.
Furthermore there is the possibility to add individual exhibits of the sound walk to an online-exhibition on a digital map later.


Quote of a participant in Linz:
„The walk was a great experience. I think it will transform every time you repeat it.“


Find a prototyp of the online exhibition here:
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Sound Walk