„Der Kinofilm „All Creatures Welcome“ bringt die Welt

der Hacker und Nerds selbst technikfernen Zuschauern nahe.

Und er will zeigen, wie vorbildlich Menschen miteinander umgehen können.“

Anne BackhausSpiegel Online





All Creatures Welcome sketches a utopian image of society in the digital era. Accompanied by the appeal to “use hacking as a mindset”, the viewers immerse themselves in a documentary adventure game and explore the world of digital communities at the events held by the Chaos Computer Club, Europe biggest association of hackers.


All Creatures Welcome zeichnet ein utopisches Bild der Gesellschaft im digitalen Zeitalter. Begleitet vom Appell “use hacking as a mindset”, taucht die Zuschauer*in in ein dokumentarisches Abenteuerspiel ein und erkundet die Welt der digitalen Communities bei den Veranstaltungen des Chaos Computer Clubs, Europas größte Hackervereinigung.




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Chaos Communication Camp15 – AN INTERACTIVE MAP

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What you should know about the ALL CREATURES WELCOME project…


“Sharing something can make more out of it!” – ALL CREATURES WELCOME is not merely a documentary: it’s a transmedial project, complemented by modular additions in the course of the themes it deals with that enhance the classic cinematic framework:

– A cultural-political debate on the topic of PUBLIC MONEY = PUBLIC CULTURE The entire venture aims to forge ahead with the discourse on the free availability of culture and knowledge and transpose it into a concrete example.


Public Money = Public Culture


Accompanied by a festival and cinema exploitation phase, ALL CREATURES WELCOME is freely available under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY-NC-SA). This only became possible in the first place by making do without state funding subject to film subsidy legislation or money provided by public-law broadcasting institutions.

The film was completely financed through crowdfunding in which approximately 1000 people and the VPN providers at were involved, all of whom are committed to free access to culture, knowledge and education. The subject matter and general direction of this film enabled it to be realized via alternative means and then consequently be made freely available – but not everyone manages to achieve this.

The time has come to launch a debate about the status that culture and knowledge have in a digital society and whether we want to leave the definition of digital space up to what are primarily business-oriented interests. What might new, future-capable problem-solving approaches toward disseminating and financing artistic and scientific work be? Shouldn’t public money be used to make these achievements accessible to everyone without any obstacles and barriers?


Create Your Own Culture


The platform CREATE YOUR OWN CULTURE is being developed in cooperation with hacker and coder (this is explicitly not a cross-media project). The film will be offered on the platform for remixing; supplementary scenes and parts of the raw footage will be offered for free cutting and editing. It is also going to be possible to integrate own audiovisual recordings and other cultural forms of expression into the platform in order to expand the universe of ALL CREATURES WELCOME and enhance the author’s “reality.” The aim of the project is to create an opportunity for the user, to provide space for his/her individual perspective, and to collectively build up an archive of cultural knowledge around the digital communities. As a result of the gradually evolving depiction of different points of view, a never- ending journey across the diversity of the “chaos realm“ and those social groups associated with it arises.


The Fairy Bot Orchestra


And The Beat Goes On! Electronic music and Choral singing are rarely put into the same context – and the hacker community is normally not notorious for its vocal enthusiasm. But while working on the soundtrack the composer Thies Mynther and I discovered with joy and astonishment that all this can be different. Originally conceived purely to accompany the credits, the song “Heaven Can’t Wait” was rehearsed as a four-part vocal by roughly 200 visitors at the 34th Chaos Communication Congress (2017) in a choir workshop organized as a free session, then recorded and sung at various flash mobs. Now the song is available for listening and sharing, released under a Creative Commons license.

The soundtrack will be followed by an entire album of electronic choral music – accompanied by new, freely usable choral movements and remix material, parts of which are going to be made accessible on the CREATE YOUR OWN CULTURE platform.



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Chaos Communication Choir @34c3










Shooting @ Chaos Communication Camp August 2015 & 32c3




87 min., color, HD

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