Update on All Creatures Welcome

Update on All Creatures Welcome

It’s been a long while since there was a relevant update, but as the editing is moving forward we believe we’ll be able to finish this part of the process till the end of the year or at least until january 2018.

I really have a lot of fun with the material while working on it and hope to meet some of you again in reality at the 34c3. … this time without camera 😉 .

Speaking of 34c3 : I also submitted a talk request to the trustee team of the CCC Congress. I’d like to screen a preview of the first 30 min. of the movie and give a general overview on the status and the prospect of the project.

Press thumbs that they’ll give us a slot!

This will be a version directly out of the editing room, without mastering, just an improvised sound mix and color correction. But I really would like to give you something back, after you supported the project for the last 2 years <3 . For those who can’t attend the congress I will keep you informed about the things happening there and for sure soothe you with some extras 😉 .


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