YOU MADE IT HAPPEN! #allcreatureswelcome

YOU MADE IT HAPPEN! #allcreatureswelcome

….uffff. We reached the first step of our crowd funding campaign for ALL CREATURES WELCOME!!

You’re amazing!

I send out a really BIG THANK YOU to all the supporters!!!…and to all the people who helped spreading the word!!! <3 <3 <3

Some Statistics

Nearly 800 people from 19 countries and a lot of anonymouse donators 😉 joined the campaign. And we shouldn’t forget the SEPA supporters with 2180€ already part of the BIG GOAL!

Now we have the possiblity to start working on the movie again, which is really great! And the campaign will go into the so called „InDemand“ phase. You can call it something like a pre-sale. It will run at least for one year! So that there will be enough time to make it possible and reach the streched goal of 115.000€ – the big aime of creative commons!

If you meet people on other events, hacker meetings, festivals and so on, please tell them about the project. Perhaps they like it and join us… You already proved that it can work!

Sorry for the cake! Please send complaints to Indiegogo ;).

I’m overwhelmed!! Fairy Dust is ready to start… but first I have to sleep a little bit…



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