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Author: Sandra Trostel

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It’s been a long while since there was a relevant update, but as the editing is moving forward we believe we’ll be able to finish this part of the process till the end of the year or at least until january 2018. I really have a...

Hier sind alle Termine an denen Everybody's Cage vorerst in Hamburg zu sehen ist:   21.03.17 //20h  -  Kino-Premiere  -  Abaton Kino 23.03.17 //20h  -  Abaton Kino 26.12.17 //13h  -  Abaton Kino // mit anschliessendem Sound Walk ( 30.04.17 //11h  -  Abaton Kino // mit anschliessendem Sound Walk (   02.04.17 Screening...

I have to say sorry that you haven’t got an update for such a long time! This doesn’t mean that I’m not working on the project, it’s even the opposite. The material is wonderful and I really enjoy watching and editing it. The editing process of a...

....uffff. We reached the first step of our crowd funding campaign for ALL CREATURES WELCOME!! You're amazing! I send out a really BIG THANK YOU to all the supporters!!!...and to all the people who helped spreading the word!!! <3 <3 <3 Some Statistics Nearly 800 people from 19 countries... This video tells you more about why it's so difficult to fund a movie and release it under a creative commons license. The Crowd Funding Campaign of ALL CREATURES WELCOME: ILLUSTRATED by Anna Lena Schiller If you like the video it would be great if you donate something...

#‎allcreatureswelcome‬ zu Gast bei @me_netzpolitik Hier kannst du mehr über den Film, mich und warum es so wichtig ist den Film über eine Crowd zu finanzieren, erfahren.