Help us to make ALL CREATURES WELCOME freely available – under a Creative Commons license! The amount of 26.675 € is now the next step. To reach our big goal we need 115.000€ (stretched goal). Read more about this in the section TWO STEPS TO CREATE A COLLECTIVE MOVIE.

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Everybody’s Cage @ Crossing Europe Filmfestival Linz

You like to watch Everybody’s Cage? Come and join us at …

Friday, 22.04.2016, 16h @ City2 Cinema Linz

And there will be a nice Workshop on Saturday, playing a version of John Cages Variations IV in the city of Linz …

! CATCH THE SOUND – TRAPPED IN SOUND ? Sat, April 23, 2016, 11 a.m. Participants: max. 8–10 persons, age 14 or older.  Costs: Linz Linien day ticket / Participation: free / Duration: app. 3 hrs

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YOU MADE IT HAPPEN! #allcreatureswelcome

….uffff. We reached the first step of our crowd funding campaign for ALL CREATURES WELCOME!!

You’re amazing!

I send out a really BIG THANK YOU to all the supporters!!!…and to all the people who helped spreading the word!!!❤❤❤

Some Statistics

Nearly 800 people from 19 countries and a lot of anonymouse donators😉 joined the campaign. And we shouldn’t forget the SEPA supporters with 2180€ already part of the BIG GOAL!

Now we have the possiblity to start working on the movie again, which is really great! And the campaign will go into the so called “InDemand” phase. You can call it something like a pre-sale. It will run at least for one year! So that there will be enough time to make it possible and reach the streched goal of 115.000€ – the big aime of creative commons!

If you meet people on other events, hacker meetings, festivals and so on, please tell them about the project. Perhaps they like it and join us… You already proved that it can work!

Sorry for the cake! Please send complaints to Indiegogo😉.

I’m overwhelmed!! Fairy Dust is ready to start… but first I have to sleep a little bit…




The Making Of ALL CREATURES WELCOME (first shooting Chaos Communication Camp 2015)

Please support our crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo! Please click here!

There are only 4 days left to reach the goal!!


The “Ziegelei Park” in Mildenberg, Brandenburg, Germany is a really huge area. When we were looking for pictures, meeting people or joining actions we had to walk kilometers every day.

It was very hot and there was a lot of dust and dirt! …and fun!

But the main challenge was that your are not allowed to make any photos or videos without asking every person in the picture.

No Photos

Production Office

A really big thank you to our trailer “Mandy” – Production Office and a place to sleep at the same time and to our helping angel.

The Shooting
The End

Next challenge… how much can one person carry at the same time?

geschafft! Wieviel kann man auf einmal tragen?


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This video tells you more about why it’s so difficult to fund a movie and release it under a creative commons license.

The Crowd Funding Campaign of ALL CREATURES WELCOME:

ILLUSTRATED by Anna Lena Schiller

If you like the video it would be great if you donate something for the making of it!


Guten Morgen Tim! Guten Morgen Linus!

#‎allcreatureswelcome‬ zu Gast bei @me_netzpolitik

Hier kannst du mehr über den Film, mich und warum es so wichtig ist den Film über eine Crowd zu finanzieren, erfahren.