Alpaka World

Documentary, Installation, Interactive
documentary, i-doc, installation, Interactive
About This Project

2022 | 53 min. | SUBs EN

Alpaka World is an interactive documentary project that combines elements of computer games with documentary storytelling and social encounters.

Hidden in a sustainable digital pixel farm are 12 short films in which the young hackers of „Jugend Hackt“ talk about their love of coding, diversity in code, IT in school or the moral issues involved in hacking. The films can be explored in any order or in a predetermined sequence. In addition, the Alpaka Farm is a place for digital encounters and exchanges and invites you to meet others.

with (in alphabetical order)

Daniel Seitz, Fiona Weber, Hanno Sternberg, Jana Zeller, Julia, Liv M., Malte Schink, Maria Reimer, Milena, Morgaine, Noa, Pajowu

Concept, Director, Interactive Producer: Sandra Trostel, Fairy Bot Productions

Music: Thies Mynther 

Pixel Design Work Adventure: Flederratti

Creative Technologist Work Adventure: Tabascoeye, Hanno Sternberg

Joystick Unit: Hanno Sternberg

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