All Creatures Welcome

Animation, Documentary
animation, documentary
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2018 | 87 min. | SUBs EN

All Creatures Welcome sketches a utopian image of society in the digital era. Accompanied by the appeal to “use hacking as a mindset”, the viewers immerse themselves in a documentary adventure game and explore the world of digital communities at the events held by the Chaos Computer Club, Europe biggest association of hackers.

Producer, Director, Camera, Editor:

Sandra Trostel

Music, Dramaturgy:

Thies Mynther

2nd Camera:

Lilli Thalgott

Sound Mixer:

Jonas Hummel


All Creatures Welcome is not merely a documentary: it’s a transmedial project, complemented by modular additions in the course of the themes it deals with that enhance the classic cinematic framework.The entire venture aims to forge ahead with the discourse on the free availability of culture and knowledge and transpose it into a concrete example.

Crowdfunded by the community and published under a Creative Commons License, it is the first feature documentary published in full length on Wiki Commons ↗. 

“Sharing something can make more out of it!”


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Electronic music and Choral singing are rarely put into the same context – and the hacker community is normally not notorious for its vocal enthusiasm. But while working on the soundtrack the composer Thies Mynther and I discovered with joy and astonishment that all this can be different. Originally conceived purely to accompany the credits, the song “Heaven Can’t Wait” was rehearsed as a four-part vocal by roughly 200 visitors at the 34th Chaos Communication Congress (2017) in a choir workshop organized as a free session, then recorded and sung at various flash mobs. Now the song is available for listening and sharing, released under a Creative Commons license.


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Crossing Europe Film Festival 2018






Ars Electronica Festival 2018







Fram[e]out Festival – Kino @Museumsquartier Vienna








Filmfest Hamburg 2018






DOK Leipzig 2018

Nominated for the Documentary Award of the Goethe Institute










Nordische Filmtage 2018




One World IHR Documentary FF, Czech Republic, 2019


Festival des deutschen Films, Goethe Institut Sankt Petersburg, 2019


Open Code Ausstellung, ZKM Karlsruhe, 2019