This Machine Kills

Installation, Performance, Theater
Performance, Theater, Video Installation
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This Machine Kills – 
the untold Story of the Revolutionary Piano

The piano: a black hole. Life comes from the darkness. Dirt, moss, ferns, trees. Wood. Body. Resonance. Black keys, black paint. Pianos have no natural enemies. A piano stands in the grass land, waiting for a mate. The act lasts for days. Creaking and rumbling. Hardly a sound. The image is kitschy. In China pianos are bred systematically. “Learn to play the piano!” Mao Zedong shouted to his party officials. He himself could play quite well but never tried. “This Machine Kills” is a short world history from the perspective of the piano, a necromantic evocation of the unlimited apparatus. Starting from Veit Sprenger’s (Showcase Beat Le Mot) and Thies Mynther’s (Phantom/Ghost) fascination for the instrument and its rich traditions, a musical performance on the piano’s efficacy was developed along with the dramaturge Anja Quickert. In collaboration with Alex Murray-Leslie (Chicks On Speed), who makes her set design debut here, the filmmaker Sandra Trostel and the choir director and internet activist Ithea Koch, they enter into a bio-mechanical ritual, barely finding their way out of this labyrinth.

Mit: Ithea Koch, Thies Mynther, Dasniya Sommer, Veit Sprenger

Komposition, Text, Künstlerische Leitung: Thies Mynther, Veit Sprenger

Konzept, Dramaturgie: Anja Quickert

Dramaturgie: Sandra Trostel

Raum: Alexandra Murray- Leslie

Kostüm: Sandra Fink

Choreografie: Dasniya Sommer

Chorsatz, Vocal Coaching: Ithea Koch

Video, Fotos: Sandra Trostel 

Produktion: Sprenger / Mynther / Anja Quickert


Koproduktion: HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Mousonturm (Frankfurt a.M). Gefördert durch: @Hauptstadtkulturfonds. Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Clouds Hill Recordings.