Documentary, Interactive
documentary, Interactive
About This Project

2020 was developed as a web project at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic.
Announcement text:

„The world is not the same since the coronavirus outbreak. Within a few weeks, life has profoundly changed for almost everybody in the world – also for filmmakers. Projects have been interrupted or cancelled altogether; funds have been frozen. But instead of waiting out the crisis in our home offices, we call upon filmmakers everywhere to join forces in narrating the impact of coronavirus on our lives: CORONOGRAPHY is a collective project that will constantly evolve, expand and grow – much alike the numbers and curves of Covid-19 that will continue to shape our lives in the weeks and months to come.

CORONOGRAPHY’s interactive map shows the first wave of films created during the initial weeks of the pandemic and makes them easily accessible.

Everybody can join this project as long as your story is focused on the pandemic and its impact on our lives or is a result of the circumstances through the pandemic (e.g. online performances, co-operations etc.).“

The world has changed since 2020 and so have the tools on which Coronography’s code was built. The website is therefore offline. The project has been discontinued.

Concept and Idea: Sandra Trostel, Dirk van den Berg

Coding: Joscha Jaeger

Technical Support: Jan Felix Wiebe



Dok Filmfest München, 2020